Project Ideas

Those old tiny LCDs


General Electronics

Bus Pirate v3 Pinout

Cypress CY7C68013A running Saleae firmware

Resistors on Emitters of NPN Transistors

Current Limit

Estimating Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime

RGB Cube

Digital Clocking

Differential Signalling

Simple Efficient Solenoid Driver

Visualizing Transmission Lines

Level Shifting Op-Amp

Sensing Back-EMF of DC Motor

Selecting an inductor for a buck regulator

Difference Between AC Induction and DC Brushless Motors

Minimizing Op-amp Offset Voltage

Simulating an Automotive Load Dump

Jasper's Electric Load


High Reliability Design


Determining RF Transmit Power Requirements

PC Board Fabrication

Create PCB Footprint from 3D Model

Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Altium Tips and Tricks

Using an FTDI chip with Quartus

PCA10059 (nRF52 dongle) - restoring the mbed bootloader

Nordic nRF51/nRF52 pin reset using J-Link

AVR Specific

AVR Buspirate Patch

AVR Dragon

PIC Specific

PICkit3 Command Line

ARM Specific





Using Prusa to mill PCBs

Screw Hole Sizes

Embedded Software

Simple IIR Filter Design

Simple Moving Average Filter Design

VHDL Lessons

Common Mistakes for New C Programmers

Macro Abuse in C

Computer (Desktop) Related Stuff

X11, Xinerama, Virtual Displays and OpenNX

black box around cursor with XRDP

STM32F3 GCC Build

git stuff

MPLABX Command Line

base64 with OSX

OSX kext Stuff

Virtual OSX

NoMachine NX

Authenticating Logins Using Active Directory

Segger J-Link and OSX

OpenOCD SWD Hack

OSX Preview Permissions Error

OSX CoreBluetooth GATT Cache

OSX screen Shell Prompt

OSX Sleep Stuff

OSX Task Switcher on wrong screen

Java crashing VMWare Fusion VM

Windows Activation History/Documentation

Running STM32CubeMX on OSX

Windows 7 Miscellaneous Tips

Getting normal Home/End key use with OSX

How to undo “git commit --amend”

Getting wget to use the correct filename

Resetting the FileVault recovery key


LVM Cheat Sheet


Cold-Brewed Coffee Experiment

New House Ideas

ebook writing


Metal Dying

Add picture from clipboard (Maximum size: 1 GB)