• Mixdown

    Contains interesting bits and pieces from my adventures, usually relating to electronics or embedded systems. Feel free to check out the wiki or blog....

    • BLE CAN Gateway

      Three CAN transcievers and a microph^WBLE module.

      Actually it’s more like 6 CAN transcievers and 2 LIN transcievers. The goal is to “break into” the three CAN and two LIN buses on my 2015 Passat TDI and be able to “filter” them, providing total control over the communications links in the car....

    • iPod Nano 6 Display Breakout

      A project which summarizes and continues on from the excellent Mike’s Electric Stuff blog, where he details the reverse engineering and development of a MIPI DSI video generator for the iPod Nano v6 LCD.


    • Model Rocket Logger/Locator

      A small data logger/locator for model rocketry.

      This is absolutely not something you’d want to use for serious rocketry. I was just playing around with RTF rockets with my kids and thought it’d be kind of cool to be able to show them how fast/high it went as well as have some fun trying to find a beeping/flashing locator. I use an nRF51822 as the microcontroller so I could also play with locating a BLE beacon. Real rocket locators uses more powerful and lower frequency transmitters for better range....

    • PICJUG

      PIC JTAG, UART and GPIO is a breakout board + firmware for a PIC16F1454 to provide UART + JTAG + GPIO functionality in one 14-pin part that does not require a crystal.

      It is meant to replace the FTDI FT232 I usually drop into designs, since the FTDI part is more expensive and can’t do both UART and JTAG with one part. The GPIO was added mainly because I want the ability to hard-reset the target or maybe control a relay/larger FET to completely remove power from the target....

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